Friday 30 January 2015

An Information Systems colophon

I've followed the work of Government Digital Service (GDS - the people behind GOV.UK) for a while. It seems to me that an organisation dedicated to “leading the digital transformation of government” probably knows a thing or two that's relevant to the digital transformation of a university.

GDS have a blog, and their list of technologies that they use is interesting. Work I've been doing recently means that I've created a similar list of the technologies used within my Information Services team here at the University. For what its worth this what it looks like:

Core servers
Base software products
  • Some services are based on existing software, including phpBB and Mediawiki
  • The Web Search service is provided by Funnelback

We rely on, and in some cases also support, a range of technologies:
Applications (incl. Frameworks, etc)
Database and other storage
Monitoring, managing and alerting
Supporting Tools
  • Central RT system for support tickets
  • Trac and Mantis for bug tracking
  • We've been experimenting with LeanKit and Asana for program and project management

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