Saturday, 4 June 2011

IPv6 day - more problems than expected?

A couple of posts on the JANET Development Eye blog:
together with links from them to some useful pages on the ARIN wiki suggest that rather more people may experience problems on IPv6 day than I had perhaps previously expected. The main problem, ironically, seems to be the widespread deployment by default in many OSs and networks of workarounds intended to provide access to IPv6-only resources from machines with only v4 connectivity. The problem is that these workarounds are often broken, or blocked, or massively sub-optimal, but that applications may still try to use these in preference to v4 even when accessing dual-stack services.

Really worrying is that measurements by Google suggest that many University networks, with their 'light-touch' approach to regulating network-connected devices, may be badly affected by all this. I suppose we will see on Wednesday!

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