Monday 19 December 2011

Computing Advent Calendars

I have always been a sucker for Advent Calendars on computing topics. I find them a convenient way to catch up on developments that I would have otherwise missed, and they come out at a time when, with luck, things are a bit quieter so there's time to actually read them.

This year I've been enjoying SysAdvent. In a previous life when I did a lot of Perl development I was a great fan of the Perl Advent Calendar but I haven't read it in several years. Earlier today I came across PHP Advent which I didn't previously know about. For hard core web geeks there's always 24Ways. I'm sure there are lots more. For what it's worth I read these, and lots of other stuff, via RSS or equivalent feeds in my feed reader of choice (which at the moment happens to be Google Reader).

Most of these have been running for a while and the previous editions are also available (for some you may have to make the obvious edits to the URLs to see earlier versions). But beware - just as this year's postings are often topical and cutting edge, ones from the past can easily turn out to have been overtaken by events or simply no longer sufficiently fashionable.

However you celebrate it, I'd like to wish you a happy Christmas and a productive new year.

Cookies - progress at last?

It looks as if there may at last be some progress on the vexed issue of how you can continue to use cookies (and similar) in the light of the new(ish) Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations. The ICO has published new guidance on all this, and various commentators seem to think it looks promising:
There is however some concern that the proposed approach to dealing with analytics cookies seems to be limited to a hint that the ICO's office just won't look too closely. There's worry that some public sector organisations will still feel that they need to ensure total compliance rather than just take a risk management approach: